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What is Soft Washing?

Softwashing is the alternative to pressure washing. We use water-based, biodegradable chemicals. They emulsify dirt and grime, they break down bug nests and webs as well as kill mold, mildew, algae and bacteria on the surface we are cleaning. Soft-washing uses only one-third the water pressure washing, lasts 4-6 times longer and doesn’t erode the surface, like pressure washing often can.

  •  An alternative for pressure washing
  • It treats the infestation
  • No Damage from pressure
  • More eco-friendly cleaning option


Powerwash vs. Softwash

100% Client Satisfaction

I cannot say enough to do this company justice. They did a great job and were professional from the beginning-to-the-end. My roof looks wonderful! I definitely recommend them and will use them again myself.


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